About Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata

The term "root canal" refers to the cleansing of the canals and extracting the infected pulp from inside the tooth's root. We have a good team of dentists who can provide you with the best root canal treatment in Kolkata, and they have undergone various improvements and technological advancements to make the treatment much faster and flawless. Earlier, root canal treatment used to take several days, but it is now possible to have it done in one day with a Single appointment Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata with the use of Rotary Instruments and an endomotor.

The tooth consists of soft tissue called the pulp, which provides nourishment to the teeth. Due to injury, gum disease or tooth decay, this pulp gets infected or swollen. The pulp is tightly enclosed in thick tissue. The endodontist has to remove this tissue from within the canal and properly clean the space. Upon completing root canal treatment, the tooth is expected to have a life as the natural tooth. However, if this pulp inflammation is not treated in due course of time, in that case, it can lead to severe and complications such as tormenting pain and swelling. In worse cases, there is the irreversible loss of the surrounding bone.

About Root Canal Treatment
About Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata

Types of Root Canal Treatment We offer

Numerous people are afraid of getting dental treatments. Moreover, when it happens to the root canal, the worry increases more. The root canal treatment has earned an obnoxious status for being a painful treatment. However, with the advancements in dental technology, many anxieties are solved.

A root canal is an efficient and necessary treatment to save and fix the infected or damaged tooth. If the problem is left untreated, it can create a deep cavity, cracked tooth, trauma, etc., that can pain terribly. Here are the types of RCT we follow depending on the prevalent condition of the patient's tooth:

  • Primary root canal treatment
  • Laser Root Canal treatment
  • Apicectomy
  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulpectomy

Problems that we cure having the team of best Endodontist in Kolkata

Listed below are some of the issues you might face that make your smile dull and stinky. All you need is to contact the best endodontist in Kolkata to heal your teeth from all the decays.

  • Severe toothache upon chewing.
  • Inflammation and tenderness in nearby gums of a tooth.
  • Continued sensitivity to hot or cold.
  • Discolouration of a tooth.
  • Fractured or broken tooth.

Root canal treatment RCT procedure steps

During the root canal treatment, the infected pulp is extracted from the tooth and substituted with a special filling. The procedure of the RCT is the following:

  • An x-ray is exerted for a precise diagnosis.
  • Local anaesthesia is applied to make the treatment painless.
  • The dentist makes a small opening on the hard tissue of the tooth to reach the root canals.
  • The infected pulp is extracted.
  • The dentist cleans the root canal completely and expands them to fill them properly.
  • In case of the root canal treatment is carried out across many sessions, the dentist may place the medicine . In the cleaned canal to kill any surviving bacteria and seals the tooth with a temporary filling.
  • During the next visit, the medicine and the temporary filling is removed, and the root canal filler is placed.
  • Finally, the dentist seals the tooth with a filling or a crown, depending on the quantity of the loss.

Why do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata

Root Canal Treatment is a process to save the natural tooth and get relief from toothache. Root Canal treatment is required because:

  • Remove the infection
  • Cures the inflammation and pain
  • Protects against the decontamination of the tooth and ensures that the teeth do not get the infection again.
  • Cleans the pus or an abscess.
  • Cures Prolonged sensitivity

Why choose TeethCare for Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata?

We at Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental clinic aim to deliver the best dental care practice that you will ever have. But that is not the only reason to choose Teethcare for the best Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata. We combine the latest, most sophisticated computerized, digital, and laser technology with a progressive approach to ensure our patients' best possible dental experience.

  • Accuracy & Safety: We care for you and abide by International Standards of patient concern. We are ISO certified and rigidly follow WHO Health and Sterilization Guidelines. We have onboard the most superior FDA Approved dental technology.
  • Comfort: We want your root canal treatment to be a pleasant experience and aim to make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed while we treat. We offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation to provide you with the utmost comfort in the treatment.
  • Painless Treatment: We use local anaesthesia during the root canal treatment and consider making your therapy painless. Our dentists are technically updated with all the latest technology to make your treatment that is effortless and painless.

LASER Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata

We have Advanced Lasers for doing Root Canal Treatment. Lasers of Specific wavelength are used to clean the root canals to make them more sterile. Afterwards, a more antiseptic root canal filling material is used to fill the canals. Lasers are also used for Apicectomies and for endodontic surgeries.


Is root canal treatment painful?

The root canal treatment is no more painful; it is just similar to have a normal filling. This treatment helps to reduce the severe pain felt when the tooth is affected. The local area will be anaesthetized during the procedure, giving you a pain-free experience when the work is done.

Is crown necessary after root canal treatment (RCT)?

Yes, it is very important. Crown plays an essential role in saving the Root canal-treated tooth. It provides strength and support to the tooth.

How much time does it take for a single appointment root canal treatment RCT in Kolkata?

The complete procedure is done in one hour, but sometimes it depends on the decayed tooth's infection and takes time upto few weeks.

Why is the root canal needed?

During root canal treatment, the swollen or infected pulp is extracted. The interior of the tooth is delicately cleaned and sterilized, then inflated and sealed with a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha. Afterwards, the tooth is fitted with a crown or filling for protection. After restoration, the tooth resumes functioning like any other natural tooth.

How do I know if I have an abscessed tooth?

Some primary symptoms to ascertain that you might have an abscessed tooth are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Blood coming out
  • uneasiness
  • bad breath
  • Have one or more missing teeth.
  • Have adequate bone for obtaining the dental implant or can have bone grafting.
  • Have a completely developed jawbone.
  • Possesses healthy oral tissues.
  • Are reluctant to wear dentures.
  • Would like to advance their speech.
  • Don’t smoke or are ready to quit.
Is a root canal better than tooth extraction?

If possible, try to save the natural tooth as it is the best option to have natural teeth. Nothing can totally restore your natural tooth. An artificial tooth can sometimes ask you to ignore specific foods. Keeping your teeth is essential so that you can continue enjoying the wide variety of foods required to maintain the proper nutrient-balanced diet. If your dentist suggests extraction, ask whether root canal treatment is an alternative.

Does a root canal weaken my tooth?

Removing the pulp from the interior section of the tooth weakens the overall structure of the tooth. But the dentists can strengthen it with dental restorations, such as an onlay or dental crown. We will provide the correct treatment to guarantee the strength of your tooth after the root canal is complete.

How long will the tooth survive after root canal treatment?

Normally, the tooth persists as long as any other natural teeth in the mouth, given that the patient is in good health and has the physiological strength to restore the damaged bone.

How many dental appointments do I need to complete my root canal treatment?

The amount of time a treatment takes depends on the aspects of the procedure you're having and the type of tooth affected. We calculate your time in the office to continue approximately 1-2 hours. Our dentists can usually complete the procedure in one visit. At times, our dentists may require a second appointment.

What will occur if I don't do the root canal treatment?

If the problem is not treated in time, you could lose teeth that are close to the infected source. You may also have more serious issues than prominent tooth decay or tooth loss. Once tooth infection starts to expand, it can progress to other areas in your body, creating havoc. In some cases, an abscessed root canal can lead to brain damage or even death./p>

How can I avoid the requirement for root canal treatment in the future?

Keep your teeth decay-free by maintaining good oral hygiene. Eat a healthy food low in sugar and avoid acidic beverages such as soda. Have routine professional cleanings and examinations. And if you're into sports, order a custom-made mouthguard to preserve your teeth from injury.