About Denture in Kolkata

Dentures are a tooth replacement alternative for patients who lost all or multiple teeth. Full dentures are applied to substitute all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and partial dentures are applied when the patient yet has some of their original teeth. Conventional dentures fit right away over the gums. Another alternative is implant-supported dentures, which join several metal posts implanted in your jaw bone. Both types of dentures need to be separated and washed each night and then fixed back into your mouth the next morning.

Although it can take some time for the patients to get used to their dentures, they are a harmless and affordable means of restoring various lost teeth. Dentures enable patients to eat more quickly and speak more efficiently, and they also help enhance their features. People wear dentures to restore missing teeth so they can enjoy a wholesome, balanced diet and smile with confidence. Dentures are built of either acrylic (plastic) or metal. We at TeethCare carefully examine the patients and check for the type of denture required and the material of denture to be used. It depends on the age and features the patients require. We provide the best quality, comfortable and adjustable dentures in Kolkata.

About Denture in Kolkata
About Denture in Kolkata

Types of Denture we offer in Kolkata

Our dentists may suggest dentures as a tooth replacement option if you have recently had multiple teeth extracted due to advanced decay or dental abscesses. In most cases, our dentists will do all they can to protect your natural teeth and keep them healthy and functional. Teeth with huge cavities or the tooth that is causing you pain may require to be plucked so that they do not compromise your other teeth' health.

We will suggest you different types of denture depending on the patient's teeth loss. Dentures are separated by the number of teeth they treat and how they are secured into the mouth.

  • Full dentures: It substitutes all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Some patients only use either a lower denture or upper denture, whereas other patients use both. Ordinarily, the dentist will wait until you've recovered from having your teeth removed before creating a denture for you to use. However, there is a sort of denture known as an immediate denture, can be placed in your jaw shortly after your remaining teeth have been plucked. Once you have recovered, your dentist may remake or modify the fit of the denture.
  • Partial Dentures: It just substitutes some of the teeth. For example, if you lost all your molars but still have your incisors, your dentist may compose a partial denture with wires that fit your front teeth, and the artificial set of teeth sit in where your molars once were. Every partial denture is unique, and if you lose other teeth after getting your partial denture, your dentist can alter the denture to attach new artificial teeth as required.
  • Conventional dentures: These dentures rest directly over your jaw bone. You may require to apply glue or denture cement to keep them in place and stop them from relocating as you speak or chew.
  • Implant-supported Dentures: These are also known as mini-implants grip onto four or more titanium screws that your dentist embeds into your jaw bone through an operational method. It does not shake as you chat and eat, and you do not need to apply glue or cement to secure it in point. Implant-supported dentures usually appear more real than conventional dentures. However, they require a surgical procedure, which all patients are not comfortable with.

Benefits of Denture in Kolkata

If you have lost teeth, replacing them with dentures, then it offers several benefits.

  • When you miss all of your teeth, your jaw area starts to look capsized, changing your look. Dentures help stretch out your face, retaining your natural appearance.
  • Dentures make it possible to consume the foods you prefer, which may be tough to chew if you miss any or all of your teeth.
  • Dentures enable you to talk more sharply, giving a place for you to rest your tongue when delivering some sounds.
  • Dentures increase your self-confidence. You will appear more confident talking and laughing in public and in pictures when you have dentures.
  • If you go for conventional dentures, you can neglect surgical procedures, as would be required if you were to go for dental implants as a tooth replacement alternative.

The procedure involved in placing the denture

We provide the best quality denture in Kolkata, and we know the correct process to deliver our patients the best fitting denture. The method we follow is as under:

  • Step 1 The doctor will initially take the impressions of your jaw to examine how well they link to one another and whether they have holes in between them.
  • Step 2 A wax model is then provided to verify the fitting.
  • Step 3 Final Denture is created with the wax model.
  • Step 4 The patient is requested to try the final set of dentures, and if necessary, adjustments are made.

Aftercare tips for Denture in Kolkata

With special care, your dentures will persist for many years, though you should visit your prosthodontist at least one time a year to have the fit judged and corrected. Your mouth may vary in shape steadily over the years, making your dentures feel movable or unstable if you do not get them refitted. Follow these tips to care for your dentures correctly:

  • Detach your dentures every night, and wash them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Always preserve your dentures in a denture cleansing liquid. Place them immediately into this liquid after washing and rinsing; do not permit them to wilt out.
  • Brush your resins and any remaining teeth every morning before you put your dentures back in your mouth. It helps stop gum infection and also boosts circulation to your gums, which helps prevent inflammation from your dentures.
  • If your dentures cause chafing or you feel hurt, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Do not try to reshape or refit your dentures yourself. They are pretty fragile, and you could tear them unexpectedly.


What are dentures?

People who have lost their teeth due to some unavoidable facts are eligible to wear a denture. Dentures are generally artificial teeth made to substitute teeth that have been lost. Dentures can either be complete or partial. Complete dentures cover your upper or lower jaw whereas, partials replace one or a few teeth.

How suddenly will I Adjust when Wearing Dentures?

It takes from few days and to some weeks to adjust your dentures. You may notice that your communication is different, but with time it becomes as earlier. People who have been wearing dentures for many years adjust very speedily. However, if you have had your own natural teeth and are then conferred with having to wear dentures, the psychological impact can take longer to adjust. It is best to have fewer expectations when considering dentures as a treatment option.

Can I get my denture repaired in Kolkata?

Yes, you can get your denture fixed in Kolkata. But, it still depends upon the kind of damage caused to the denture, and we have to examine it before restoring the denture.

Does insurance incorporate the Cost of Denture in Kolkata?

Yes, some insurance companies cover dentures. We are still confident that more and more dental insurance companies will begin giving insurance for the denture. It will always be better to check your insurance policy, and if the company is providing dental insurance, then it will be better to combine it.

Can I sleep in my dentures?

Under normal circumstances, it is recognized best to remove them at night. Research has revealed that separating the denture for at least nine hours, either during the day or night, allows the gum tissue to relax and provides normal stimulation and cleansing by the tongue and saliva. It promotes the better long-term health of gums.

What should I do if my dentures loosen?

As the years' pass, the tissue and bone may narrow lightly. With this phenomenon, your dentures will loosen. Also, with the fluctuation in the body weight, you may notice that the denture may loosen. We can reline dentures to help them fit snug again. However, if their bases are gone too far, you may require a new denture. If your denture is more than one or two years old and you should use Fixodent every day, your dentures are too loose, and you could benefit from a reline. Relines are usually performed on the same day and should be performed every couple of years.

Will dentures make me look different?

Dentures can be made to resemble your natural teeth approximately so that a slight change in appearance will be noticeable. Dentures may also enhance the look of your smile and help fill out the shape of your face and profile. The try-in is significant, so you can see yourself in the mirror before the denture is finalized and make sure you like the appearance with your new dentures.

Do I brush dentures like regular teeth?

You should brush dentures after every meal. The best way is to remove them and wash them. If one can, brushing the dentures is recommended and cleaning the mouth to wipe it of any debris. If some natural teeth do persist, brushing them is always advised. Soak your dentures at night after cleaning them; if you wish, you can use a denture cleaner for longevity. Do not allow them to dry out because they may distort. Always remember to brush your tongue and gently brush the gums with a soft toothbrush. You should use special denture brushes on the dentures. You should not use normal toothpaste on dentures, as it is too abrasive.

Can I make small adjustments or repairs to my dentures?

You can adversely damage your dentures and injure your gums by attempting to adjust or repair your dentures. A denture that does not fit properly can create tenderness and pains. Visit your Denturist if your dentures tear, break, chip, or if one of the teeth becomes loose. A Denturist can often make the required alterations or restorations on the same day.

What are the Dentures made up of?

Dentures are made from various dental substances, such as acrylic, nylon, porcelain, resin, or metal. The denture skeleton is generally made from acrylic, nylon, or metal. The specific materials used to build your denture frame will depend upon the variety of dentures you are having placed. For example, partial dentures may use metal clips with an acrylic base, while full dentures can be composed of acrylic but may use acrylic or metal gum attachments. Nylon can also be used in the spot of acrylic.

Will my dentures hurt?

New dentures require to fit well. Even if they do hurt, you need some time to adapt to them. Dentures need about five to eight hours to settle into your mouth after the attachment. The gums need some time to adapt to the appliance in your mouth. The time span to settle varies from person to person.