About Cosmetic Dentistry in Kolkata

If your teeth are stained, discoloured, decayed, cracked, broken, misaligned, distorted, or have holes between them, then modern cosmetic dentistry is the answer to get an aesthetic smile. Cosmetic dentistry aims to bring an actual change to the appearance of a person's teeth and improve the smile. This appearance-related dentistry is a productive field that includes a wide array of dental services that we offer. We at Teeth care provide the best cosmetic dental treatment in Kolkata to make your smile beautiful. With years of practice beneath our belt, we have facilitated cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you a perfect smile.

Cosmetic dentistry demands in-depth knowledge about dental anatomy and an understanding of the different dental materials available nowadays. We have been practising safe & best cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata; we specialize in all the modern dental procedures, including smile remodelling, porcelain veneers, laser dentistry, gap closures, tooth-coloured bonding, etc.

Our motto is to assist you in achieving that faultless smile through safe and non-invasive surgical practices.

Cosmetic Dentistry
About Cosmetic Dentistry in Kolkata

Types of Cosmetic dentistry that we offer

Those celebrities with a good looking smile aren't certainly gifted with that flawless smile. There's a real chance that many of them have spent in some dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than many personalities even realize. And it's now a constant staple for celebrities and influencers to show off their beautiful evergreen smile.

So, if your teeth aren't in proper shape and the primary hygienic rules are not good, then find a reputable cosmetic dentist in Kolkata, i.e., Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic and get the appropriate treatment. Cosmetic dental procedures are now fast, reliable and quite affordable. Here you'll learn about the various types of cosmetic dental procedures we deal in.

  • Dental Braces : Dental braces are orthodontic devices that help align your teeth naturally. Individuals with overcrowded teeth, misplaced teeth, uneven teeth, or any set of teeth that isn't functionally well and aesthetically not pleasing teeth have to undergo dental braces treatment. Dental Braces Treatment takes advantage of the remodelling of supporting bone present in between the teeth and its nature to move during growing stages to align the teeth esthetically and functionally. Dental Braces
  • Smile Designing treatment : The principle of Golden proportion is applied over here. With the help of digital smile designing software, a digital template is created to show the after treatment results graphically, and changes are done accordingly to bring about the necessary changes. It is the most trending treatment option who can't wear dental braces and can get the desired results within a span of a week. Dental anomalies, fracture in teeth, gaps present between teeth etc., are treated well in time by this procedure with the help of dental crowns planned by software or mock models.
  • Teeth Whitening : It is done to make your teeth a shade brighter and create a dazzling effect.
  • Dental Veneers : They are thin layers of ceramic that are placed on top of the tooth after minimal tooth cutting. It is widely used to close the gaps between teeth and change the colour of teeth in cases like that of Dental Fluorosis. Dental Veneers
  • Composite bonding : It is done to fill up the gaps between teeth with composite cement that resemble the natural teeth colour and are easily moldable to be placed and shaped between the gaps.
  • Invisible orthodontic aligners : Aligners are custom-made mouthpieces that slip over the teeth and have to be worn in sequence to achieve a better esthetic smile. The orthodontic aligner brand Invisalign is the biggest manufacturer of clear aligners. Other Indian and International brands are also there. Your orthodontist or dentist will advise you what's most suitable for you. Dental Braces
  • Dental Crown : Dental crowns are caps placed on top of repaired teeth to maintain strength. Dental crowns are made of metals, porcelain, resin and ceramics. They typically don't demand special care overtime except for routine good oral hygiene.
  • Gum Contouring : Gum Contouring is done to reshape the gum line and also to change the colour of gums by laser or any means

Problems that we cure being the best cosmetic dental clinic in Kolkata

Listed below are some of the issues which you as an individual might face that makes your smile dull and faded. All you need is to contact the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata to heal your teeth from all the decays.

  • Lost teeth or spaces between teeth
  • Fractured Teeth or Chipped off teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Replacing old dental crowns with cosmetic Dental Crowns.
  • Blackened, yellowed or grey, stained teeth
  • Bent teeth or 'Misaligned' teeth
  • 'Gummy Smiles', where a larger dimension of the gums get exposed while smiling
  • Too little, too big, too tiny or too slim teeth
  • Non-tooth coloured silver fillings or worn crowns with black lines due to metal

Why we need smile makeover treatment in Kolkata

Cosmetic dentistry is a trendy field of dentistry and is in high demand. Cosmetic dental treatment is required because:

  • It magnifies the smile by improving the malocclusions or by eliminating stains.
  • It gives a youthful representation to an individual.
  • It helps in raising the self-esteem and confidence of an individual.
  • Helps in sustaining better oral hygiene.
  • The smile achieved is entirely natural and affordable.
  • It helps in enhancing the quality of life full of confidence.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata?

Cosmetic dentistry is a trendy field of dentistry and is in high demand. Cosmetic dental treatment is required because:

Cost of Dental Braces in Kolkata Price Range (INR)
Metal Dental Braces Package. 35,000 – 45,000
Ceramic Dental Braces Package. 55,000 – 65,000
Invisible Dental Braces in Kolkata Clear Aligners. 85,000 – 3,00,000
Cost of Smile Designing Treatment in Kolkata.
(depends upon the brand, warranty and if root canal treatment is needed or not).
50,000 – 90,000
Cost of Dental Veneers in Kolkata. 7500 – 9000 Per Tooth
Cost of Composite Build up for Gap Closure. 1000 per Tooth

Why choose TeethCare as your cosmetic denal clinic in Kolkata?

We are a rare combination of individualism, dedication, achievement, accuracy, patience and kindness. We stand by all mean to present you with the most trustworthy services in the world of dentistry. We have a team of the finest dentists in the country who would make sure to give you the best in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

  • Accuracy & Safety: We care for you and abide by International Standards of patient concern. We are ISO ISO-9001-2015 UK certified and rigidly follow WHO Health and Sterilization Guidelines. We have onboard the most superior FDA Approved dental technology.
  • Comfort & Relax: Relax in our Patient Entertainment Lounge, which provides an Internet TV. Whether it is before a procedure or following a treatment, we intend to offer you the most comfortable experience. If the patient is comfortable, the treatment goes smoothly.
  • Guarantee: We are committed to delivering the best in cosmetic dentistry. In any case, if you are not contented with our service, we ensure you 100% money back. However, this condition shall never arise as you would be indeed satisfied with our work.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry focused on designing a positive adjustment to your teeth and your smile. Having a lovely smile and healthy teeth are necessary for many purposes—aesthetically and concerning overall health. Cosmetic dentistry procedures include processes such as dental veneers, teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental bonding and gum contouring.

Do You Need to Invest in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Yes, you should invest in Cosmetic dentistry to get the self confidence that you might lack because of the inferiority complex in the smile. It will improve your oral health and boost your overall health. You will get to smile often because of the bright teeth smile. So you should pamper yourself for a better look and health.

Who is the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Kolkata?

We will not say our name, but instead, we ask you to go through Google and find out the Teethcare Multispeciality Dental clinic to be the best cosmetic dental clinic in Kolkata. It is the same place to find Dr Sanket Chakraverty and Dr Arimeeta Chakraverty to be the best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata.

What is the teeth clip price?

It becomes quite difficult to quote a particular price as it depends a lot on the material and brand you choose. If you go for metal braces, its starting price is INR 35,000.

How can I treat my cracked tooth and fix my Cosmetic Dental issues?

If you have chipped off just a tiny piece of tooth enamel or have a fractured tooth, we need first to examine the level of loss. Our dentist may restore the damage with a filling. If the repair is to front teeth and visible when you smile, your dentist will possibly practice a procedure called bonding, where the dentist applies a tooth-coloured composite resin to make your smile elegant as before.

How Dental Laminate varies from Dental Cosmetic Crowns?

How Dental Laminate varies from Dental Cosmetic Crowns? Laminates and crowns are both dental restoration techniques that can enhance the look and function of your teeth. The chief difference is that a laminate, also known as veneers, covers only the front of your tooth from a layer of porcelain or other materials, whereas a crown covers the entire tooth.

Who is eligible for cosmetic dentistry?

Most personalities who aren't satisfied with their smile are eligible for cosmetic dentistry procedures. If there is contamination in the mouth, it needs to be cleared before any method starts. Any person who has lost, damaged, or unhealthy teeth may wish to restore their smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures are also eligible to do the same.

Are there health benefits of cosmetic surgery?

Many health benefits accompany cosmetic treatments. One significant benefit is a reduction in the risk of infection in the mouth. Eliminating empty spaces in the mouth via dental implants, crowns, or bridges diminishes open spaces for unhealthy bacteria to grow. Displacing ailing teeth from the mouth via cosmetic surgery also helps keep your teeth clean and strong.

How long does teeth whitening typically last?

Most teeth whitening procedures will last for approximately one to two years if you don't drink sodas, coffee, alcohol, puff cigarettes or eat foods that repeatedly stain the teeth. Touch-ups are typically required after one year.